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Service Quota

Your Quota is the amount of resources that you can use in the Mayope Cloud Console.

There are 6 types of resources right now:

  • vCpu: Virtual Cpu Core
  • Memory: Working Memory
  • Storage: SSD or HardDisk Storage
  • Ip-Port-Assignment: A combination of a fixed ip and a fixed port
  • Database: A PostgreSQL Database
  • Bucket: A Minio Bucket

You can extend your quota anytime .

Free Quota#

Mayope assigns every user a free quota which consists of:

  • 1 vCpu
  • 2 Gb Memory
  • 10 Gb Storage
  • 10 Ip-Port-Assignments
  • 1 Database
  • 1 Minio Bucket

Payed Quota#

If you want to use additional resources you can request an extension of your quota through the cloud console.

You will see which monthly costs accrue through the calculator.